AlmanacSoft Payer


AlmanacSoft Payer is a client application for PayPal Payment System. It is Windows Store app that can connect to PayPal Server directly using RESTful API. It is developed by Poom Malakul Na Ayudhya.


  • Windows Store app for Windows 8.1.
  • Native code written in C++/CX.
  • Use PayPal REST API.
  • Credit Card Payment and PayPal Payment for countries supported by PayPal.
  • Merchant can be changed by downloading or importing encrypted merchant data file.
  • Merchant data file can be exported as encrypted data file.
  • Support using with proxy server.


  • Windows 8.1



  • Version fix API Changed in PayPal Payment (10 June 2015)
  • Version for x86, x64 and ARM released (22 May 2015)
  • Version 1.0 first release. ( 9 September 2013 )